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Digital Wars: Your Marketing Awakens

Digital Wars: Your Marketing Awakens

Digital Wars - Episode VII It’s a time of uncertainty. Unrest grips the jewelry industry as the influence of digital marketing spreads. Some jewelers stuck on the old ways struggle with this new order as rebellious newcomers embrace this change and build new alliances. As they cast away digital marketing from their budgets, they find it difficult to compete with the force of the internet. Yet, these journeymen may still awaken to reinvent their marketing and develop the focus needed to forge a new future... Sadly, it has been years since this digital revolution began. But almost daily, jewelers of the old ways still survive as they peek from the darkness. My fear is that perhaps too much time has passed for them to see the light, even if they want to. It’s understandable to not want to voyage into the unknown, but the industry is under transformation and competition has become hyper-targeted. For many of these students of marketing past, their venture into the digital age comes with hesitation. Being burdened with a lack of understanding also comes with an unwillingness to embrace the power of the digital side. Thus, any effort becomes tempered and ineffective. Control is difficult to yield until success does find you. Yet, controlling what you do not understand diverts that success. So, choose wisely in those you align yourself with and trust their counsel, for they possess keys to guide you into the light. Alas, all too often, the path is not followed and the jewelers revert back to the old ways. My guidance in this matter is clear: You must remain steadfast. You must choose a team you trust, impart a legitimate budget, develop a marketing strategy, follow expert counsel and most of all, stay the course. Your brand needs time to adjust to this digital footprint. Within a year, you should start to see results and forge a new future for your business. Make it this year. The year your marketing awakens.
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