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Finding Your Place In The Newsfeed

Finding Your Place In The Newsfeed

We’re not quite half-way through the year but Facebook has made some major changes that left many concerned about their place on our newsfeeds. Earlier this year, they made a big step in legitimizing pages by removing irrelevant or “fake” likes from business pages. But that’s old news, and as many people noticed, legitimate content was almost entirely unaffected by that change. But Facebook didn’t stop there, and just weeks ago made big changes to their newsfeed experience, and it means another hit for the ever-dwindling organic growth that brought businesses there in the first place… or does it? The short story is that Facebook wants content that people interact with and care about to show higher in the newsfeed. Initial reactions were negative… from businesses. Fears of a continuation of Facebook’s seemingly aggressive campaign to hide the businesses that it once encouraged were rampant. But that’s not the case. It all boils down to your content and how you advertise it. Now more than ever, just getting people to see your Facebook page isn’t enough. You want them to interact with your content. Page post likes, comments, and shares are what will keep your name on top of their newsfeed. Give them something worth their time. It’s as simple as it always was: social media is about a social experience. Give them something to talk about and you’ll find that Facebook’s changes are nothing to worry about.
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