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Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

by Shane O'Neill, Vice President

A lot of times, little pieces of code from different places have to be added to your website in order to get it to play nicely with others. There might be code from Facebook, from Google Analytics, from anywhere, really. These pieces of code are often referred to as "tags". One way to add them to your site is to add a piece of code for Google Tag Manager and then add everything else to Google Tag Manager. Tag Manager makes it easier to add code to your site and in some cases will have an automatic setup rather than having to deal with code at all. One of the best features is the fact that whenever you make a change, it forces you to give it a name and then keeps track of all of the previous revisions. That way, if anything ever goes wrong, you can change it back. If you think you could use better management of all those little pieces of code that have to go on your site, check out Google Tag Manager.

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