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Payment Methods Can Be a Decision Maker

Payment Methods Can Be a Decision Maker

E-commerce is becoming the way of the future; more and more consumers are making their purchases from the comfort of their homes. Retailers that already sell online are heading in the right direction. This route to market is necessary to retain customers, revenue and profit growth. While possibly the largest challenge is over for some, becoming part of the e-commerce world, companies must remain competitive.

Time is of the essence now. Consumers evaluate a company’s e-commerce experience by several variables. From a user-friendly site, quality of images, variety of options, to even different methods of shipping. Now, consumers are looking at the amount of time it takes them to complete a purchase. Some online stores have added the payment option of logging in to your Amazon account. This allows a customer to cut back on the time spent filling out their addresses and credit card information.

Anyone in the e-commerce world should be adding this payment method to their website. Amazon has over 310 million accounts, which could be potential customers for you. From personal experience, I have used the Amazon payment option. It took only a third of the time it would have taken to fill out my address information alone. With two clicks, my address and credit card information were selected and my order was placed!

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