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Plans for Thanksgiving?

Plans for Thanksgiving?

Working in marketing, I can understand that desire to get the jump on the competition, but to what extent is that okay? Over the past few years, we have really started to witness “Black Friday” becoming “Black Thursday” and ultimately taking over Thanksgiving. People are supposed to be home with their families on this day, giving thanks for all that they have, not standing in line or running through doors as they open to save a few bucks. I’m personally not a big shopper on Black Friday, but I typically will go out with my wife that morning and just be the guy to hold her place in line. But as we have seen the hours get earlier and earlier, it seems as though the “fun” of Black Friday shopping is just being lost.

Take that to the next level. For stores that are open on Thanksgiving, I refuse to shop there that weekend. No sale or doorbuster is worth keeping employees away from their families on such a holiday. That is my opinion, but I’m sure I’m not alone in my thinking. My sister works in retail as a manager and seeing her so disgruntled Thursday morning – knowing she has to miss out on Thanksgiving dinner and spending quality time with her family to go into work to deal with the madness that is now “Black Thursday” – is something that really doesn’t sit well with me.

It’s interesting to observe the backlash and the acceptance of stores open on Thanksgiving vs. the ones that keep their typical Black Friday hours. You know my opinion, and I know my family and friends feel the same. I am more likely to visit a store on Black Friday for the fact of knowing that they cared enough to keep their doors closed on Thanksgiving, although most of their competition is fighting to be the first to open their doors.

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