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Selling eGift Cards Online with Square

Selling eGift Cards Online with Square

Aside from staying safe and healthy, driving revenue is a big priority during this time. Everyone can sell an eGift Card! Square is a retail payment platform. They have both online and brick and mortar tools for retailers. With Square, retailers can set up eGift Cards that can be sold online and redeemed in-store. Learn more. We recommend that jewelers look into and sign up for a Square account in order to encourage eGift Card sales online during the COVID-19 emergency. Here are some basics of what you might expect with this process.

How It Works

  1. Sign up for a Square account and select your Square POS device
  2. Create an online eGift Card order page on Square
  3. Promote online order page (link to it on the website, email, social media, etc.)
  4. People who purchase an eGift Card will get an automatic email from Square with their gift card redemption code
  5. Later, ring up eGift Card purchases in-store with your Square POS device. You can ring up a custom amount rather than entering inventory into Square. Learn more. (We do not recommend using this for online sales)
  6. (Depending on your needs) Update your normal POS system inventory or manually add the sale

Square Account

Setting up a Square account requires some information. It's not mentioned on the sign-up page, but this may require linking your business bank account number and routing number for depositing funds. Learn more.

Square POS Devices

The free Square magstripe reader mentioned in the image above is used for charging credit cards with a mobile device, but other POS devices are available as well. Learn more.

Square's Fees

Square charges transaction fees for purchases made through Square which are fairly standard prices for the industry. Learn more.

eGift Card Setup

Square seems to have a fairly simple process for setting up eGift Cards. After it's set up, the eGift Card order page can be shared in different places to promote. Learn more.
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