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The Latest on Buyable Pins

The Latest on Buyable Pins

Since its debut in June, Pinterest has more than doubled the amount of Buyable Pins offered on its platform. In addition, they were able to add thousands of new merchants due to the addition of e-commerce platforms Magento, IBM Commerce, and Bigcommerce. There are no fees for merchants or Pinterest users and returns are on merchants, not Pinterest. The company generates revenue whenever merchants advertise on the site. You can tell if a pin is buyable when there is a product price listed in blue. Pinterest has found that clients are increasing their spends due to the release of Pinterest’s cost-per-click ads and because it offers an alternative to Facebook for effective commerce-driving social endeavors. Currently, Buyable Pins are only offered for iPhone and iPad users, but there are plans to bring them to desktop and Android soon. As far as what Pinterest is best used for, about 47% of active users plan for life events with it, especially Millennials. In addition, 96% of people who use Pinterest say they do for research and to gather information, with 93% stating they use it to plan for purchases. With pinners actively beginning to make holiday wish lists, many with buyable pins, this is a digital platform everyone should continue watching. Read more here.
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