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The Power of Persuasion

The Power of Persuasion

by Sarah Roush, Graphic Designer + Digital Marketing Assistant

We live in a world of persuasion. Buy this, try this, wear that, be cool. But persuasion doesn’t always have to be so direct. Storytelling is one of my favorite ways to market products. It can be a quote from the product designer or the person who found the perfect gift for their loved one. For example, John went into the jewelry store looking for something for his wife. The salesperson knows her. She recommended a beautiful necklace with a music note on it since Mary has played the piano for more than 60 years. It was the absolute perfect gift.

When you give a product that deeper meaning and tell its story, you give the shopper a relatable opportunity. We can tell the story of your great-grandmother’s diamond that you turned into a custom design piece that fits your unique style. Which is way cooler than just saying, “Hey, we do custom jewelry”. There’s always a story to tell. Let us help share yours!

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