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The Rock Horror Picture Show

The Rock Horror Picture Show

Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds, correct? They’re not cubic zirconia. They’re not glass. They’re not moissanite. They are real diamonds with all the same physical and chemical properties. According to a story reported about a year ago on the CBS local LA affiliate, “A synthetic diamond is going to have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as a natural diamond,” according to Brenda Harwick, an instructor at the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad…A synthetic will be grown in a laboratory, and a natural diamond is our little treasure from Earth,” Harwick said. And, yet the horror of it all. Look at some of the industry responses to the recent JCK article by Rob Bates (March 1, 2016) regarding Stuller now selling lab-created diamonds: “I will not be buying any more diamonds from Stuller. I have instructed my staff...” “Boycott” Which of course run completely contrary to some customer comments from an article posted on Brilliant Earth about the same topic. Lisa says: OCTOBER 8TH, 2015 AT 12:34 AM After reviewing and educating myself somewhat about Natural Diamonds vs Lab Grown Diamonds, I can say with great enthusiasm that YES I WOULD AND I’m going to browse now! I love you Tony L. Kennerly, #LOVEOFMYLIFE #we’re getting married!!!!” LeeAnn Says: FEBRUARY 2ND, 2016 AT 6:37 PM All of these rings are stunning and I could not tell them apart. I have a 1.8 carat lab created diamond engagement ring. It’s so beautiful and a fraction of the cost of a mined diamond ring. I told my fiance not to spend so much more on mined diamonds when these are real and just as beautiful. Lab Created Diamonds may not be from the earth, but surely have a place on this earth. They also have a place in your store. It will only be a matter of time when consumers will be better educated on the topic. However, beyond that notion, isn’t it prudent to stay ahead of the curve; have diverse items in your store; appeal to whoever walks in your door? You’re appalled at the thought of a fine jewelry store selling a lab-created diamond? But, all day long you will sell jewelry which at one time only belonged in a place like Claire’s? That’s the real horror. The other horror: This industry doesn’t embrace change. It sees fear instead of opportunity. Once upon a time, you said to yourself, “What’s this Internet? Who would ever buy jewelry online?” If that memory doesn’t horrify you, what will?
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