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Things That Make You Go “Hmmm?…”

Things That Make You Go “Hmmm?…”

by Angie Ash, EVP Jewelry campaigns typically involve some storytelling. And some campaigns are clever and make sense, like romancing three-stone rings into a past/present/future ring. Or making that pendant of swirling diamonds not just be a nice design, but a “journey”. Other things are a bit more far-fetched, or just plain crazy. We’ve seen it all after all the years we’ve been in the jewelry marketing business. So, I thought it would be fun to highlight some, er...standouts. Billboards Great ads get your attention and ideally get you to take action. At the very least, get some chatter. There’s no doubt that as expensive as billboards are, they definitely get highway eyeballs. But sometimes, the good message that was intended is misinterpreted. Or honestly, involve marketing mashups that are true head-scratchers. Here are a few examples that got laughs, chatter, and press (some good, some not so much). Hmmm. I guess you have to do what it takes to get her to say yes to mounting that deer head over the mantel. A diamond should do it! Hmmm. Who thought this one could be so offensive? Sigh. People can be so literal. Hmmm. I mean YES, but NO. I still can't believe this jeweler boldly went where no other jeweler has ever gone before. Or since. Hmmm. Classy. There were several iterations of this one on highways across the country. QR Codes Remember when QR codes were all the rage? People wanted them in their advertising, even if they made no logical sense. Thank goodness I never saw a jeweler put one on a billboard as other companies did. Because trying to scan a QR code at 50 mph on a highway makes lots of sense, right? My favorite was an email with a QR code on it. Since many people read email on their phones these days, it defied logic. Can’t scan a QR code with your phone when it’s on your phone, friends! The Right-Hand Ring Remember this rage? If a single girl likes rings, where does she wear them? Many times, the answer is on her right hand, and typically on her ring finger. But suddenly, wearing a ring on your right hand on your ring finger had to be a message of independence for women everywhere. In typical fashion, the jewelry world got on board with the campaign for a brief time before it fizzled away into just rings worn on right-hand ring fingers again. Are you looking for jewelry campaigns that are clever and make sense, too? Contact and we’ll get you on the right track.
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