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If You Think You Don’t Have to Learn Digital, You're in Trouble

If You Think You Don’t Have to Learn Digital, You're in Trouble

As a professional in the jewelry industry, you know a lot. Sure, you know fine jewelry, but you also know more. You may have had to master financing, marketing, customer service. Then, the internet came along. And after that, smartphones followed, just to name a few. The world changed dramatically and some people simply decided to hire a techie or someone young. That should fix things right? Wrong. The jewelers who are thriving today get it. They know digital. They might not know how to code a website or configure a retargeting campaign, but they know enough to understand suggestions from, and guide those who do. In fact, Steve Jobs was not a programmer. The man who brought us the iPhone, iPad, and a slew of desktop computers didn’t need to be able to write the programs to bring these products to life. That’s what I want for you.

You Are Not Too Old for New Tricks

Colonel Sanders was 62 when he first franchised KFC in 1952. That’s inspiring. What a time to begin a new adventure in your life! But, what’s more inspiring is the potential that jewelry professionals have in digital world. In a TED talk, Dr. Jonathan Sackner-Bernstein discusses why the skills and experience of seasoned professionals have lead to great successes. Experienced individuals are not “burned out” or “washed up”. They’re prime for incredible breakthroughs. Your experience and intuition for the jewelry industry didn’t come cheap. It took time, skill, and determination to acquire. It’s not something that a millennial will be able to channel while they type away on a keyboard. This means that your skills are uniquely valuable online. It also means that you need to learn enough about digital marketing to know how to apply them to your business.

What You Need to Know

Don’t get bogged down with the details. It’s important that you understand the concepts behind digital platforms and how they affect you. This will help you to make the right decisions and better asses suggestions that others give you. Focus on these three things.

1. What is it?

This is the most crucial. Often times when you get an explanation of what something is, jargon will creep in. You might lose track and only pretend to understand. Good communicators should be able to give you an explanation of digital concepts that you can understand. Especially when pressed. If you don’t really get what’s affecting your SEO or why some things work on social media and not others, keep asking questions. You’ll feel much better knowing that your business is on the right path with digital rather than assuming it.

2. How does this affect me today?

Regardless of who's running your digital campaigns, you should understand what your strategy is. Are you spending enough in each area? What’s your most effective campaign? What is your most valuable channel? Pair this knowledge with your expert knowledge in other areas to make better decisions.

3. Where is this technology headed?

Everyone talks about how fast technology is moving. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, learn the trends. For example, Facebook has outperformed almost every market expectation since they started. They’ve adapted to mobile advertising, beat Snapchat at their own game, and exceeded earnings expectations. They have a long term trend of winning. It’s probably safe to assume that they’ll be important for marketing for years to come. Another example is augmented reality. All of the major tech companies are researching it right now. When there is universal buy in from major tech companies, it might mean that it will be part of your strategy in the future.

How to Learn

Busy professionals who don’t have time for classes learn as they go. Doing little things along your usual path can go a long way. A client recently told us that he usually does a little bit a research after each of our calls so that he can better understand the topics we covered. Over time, that type of initiative will pay off big time. Aside from your own research, you should have a basic approach to conversations with people who know more. If there’s something that they keep on bringing up and you really don’t understand, ask. If you have time to shoot the breeze, ask them what’s new and noteworthy in the digital world. Better than studying, this approach gives you direct answers to your questions.


At Fruchtman, we find that clients who understand what we’re doing usually see more success. A jeweler with an in depth understanding of the jewelry business and the digital marketing they’re running has the advantage. You’ll make better decisions and develop insights that few others have. With experts like that in the world, it’s clear who the winners are. But, if you’re fighting in the same arena and that’s not you, you’re in trouble. Want to more about digital? Email or contact us to learn more about what we can do for you!
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