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What About The First Screen?

What About The First Screen?

Do you know what second screen advertising is? If not, it’s where consumers use a mobile device while watching television. It’s all everyone seems to be talking about. I get it, as approximately 87% of consumers use more than one device at a time. That number is huge! But…they’re failing to point out the continued necessity of the first screen. The first screen drives the second screen. The second screen cannot stand alone.

This is why dot-coms advertise on TV. Priceline is a great example. Who did NOT just picture William Shatner right then? That recall is thanks to their television campaigns. It’s extremely difficult to use a spokesperson in an online static banner ad and you cannot use them in search engine marketing. TV is by far the most efficient way to create a brand.

For retail jewelers looking to increase their bridal business, they need to use the first screen (consistently people…consistently) to create brand exposure. This gives you top of mind awareness so when consumers are in the funnel to get engaged they either think of you or recognize your name when they search online. This is important because when a consumer types “engagement rings” into the search engine they are going to see a list of national and local options. The options that carry more weight because of their brand strength are going to have a higher click-thru rate and, ultimately, a higher conversion rate if the product is decent.

It truly is that simple. The stronger your brand is the more effective your second screen advertising will be. Want the winning formula to increasing brand exposure and ultimately sales? Conquer both the first screen and second screen.

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