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Your 2023 Resolution? Be a Goal-Getter!

Your 2023 Resolution? Be a Goal-Getter!

By Angie Ash, EVP

As a side-hustle fitness instructor, I see A LOT of people I like to call “resolutionists” show up at the gym at the beginning of every year. They’re fueled by all the best intentions - losing weight, gaining endurance and speed, and building lean muscle. They usually start with the pedal to the metal. They’re going to DO this! But then…they burn out very quickly. And by the end of January, almost all of them are gone. As sad as I find this to be, I also know there are many reasons why it’s the outcome:

  • Their expectations aren’t reasonable or attainable
  • They want instant gratification
  • They aren’t disciplined
  • They give up too easily
  • They have too many goals and therefore can’t focus. Pick ONE!
When it comes to your fine jewelry store business, I firmly believe that every store finds themselves in the same circumstances when it comes to a business resolution, and for primarily the same reasons. However, your outcome doesn’t have to mirror the “resolutionists.” In fact, I can think of no better time for you to gather all of your sales associates and figure out what will be your SINGLE Goal of 2023 and how to get there. This doesn’t have to be decided upon and hashed out within one sitting. In fact, it’s better to touch base on your goal every week in your staff meeting, just like you have to step on that scale regularly if your goal is to lose weight. Yep, that means if you ate a bunch of junk, you need to own up to that and if you do nothing toward your business goal, you need to own that too. It’s called accountability! P.S. If you don’t have a regular staff or team meeting, YOUR goal of 2023 should be to start that practice and stick to it. Why?
  • People feel more motivated when they feel like they’re an important part of something, not just a replaceable ends to a means
  • You want your associates' opinions and input, right? RIGHT??
  • How will your employees ever know your sales and business goals as an owner without this simple, structured meeting?

Within your team meeting, ask everyone for their opinion on the BIG goal. You may be surprised at what’s put on the table for consideration. Review all of the pros and cons to the goals that are presented, choose THE goal, and then get to problem solving. For example, let’s say your store is really overdue for a new website. If the idea is that you must have it done in just a few months, but you can only commit to working on it once in a while, you’ll quickly throw in the towel. The expectation isn’t realistic and your own lack of prioritization will kill your motivation. Instead, consider developing a team for a project of this magnitude. One person is in charge of taking the product photos, another takes care of descriptions, and a third does all of the uploads. Create a website day each week where one associate does their part and then the task alternates to the next team member the following week. It becomes a priority and shared task for three people that’s doable vs. a daunting task for one that will be forever put on the back burner. And you know how that goes. If your staff is just too small, and it’s all hands on deck each and every day, consider hiring someone solely for this project. Remember, problem solving involves figuring out how you can either remove the obstacles to the goal, or create a different way to get it done, so be open-minded. The person who wants to get healthier may have really good willpower and not touch the chips in the cupboard. Or they could be the person who absolutely can’t have them in the cupboard at all because they know those chips will call their name every time the cupboard is open. Know your strengths and weaknesses and acknowledge them. Don’t get in the habit of admitting defeat because you can’t see another way. That’s why you have a team. So pick that ONE big goal, make a plan, and don’t get stuck right out of gate by doubts and all the what ifs. Just start!

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