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Yule Love These Holiday Tips

Yule Love These Holiday Tips

by Angie Ash, EVP Pardon the headline, but seemingly, in the blink of an eye, here we are with 4th quarter in our periphery. It honestly feels like a switch has been flicked sometimes. The kids go back to school and the temperatures drop by twenty degrees, signaling a hard stop to summer. Some, like me, want to absorb every second of that magical season while others have already moved on to pumpkins, flannels, and apple cider. Well, you better take a breath and enjoy fall because “Jingle Bell Rock” will be blasting out of stereos before you enjoy your pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving! Before the holidays bear down upon you and your store like a freight train, now is the perfect time to make a plan for a merry holiday season vs. a scary one! You already know it’s going to be busy and stressful, so planning in advance can ease anxiety. Here are three key tips and things to focus on before the trees and tinsel come out.
  1. Sit down with your staff and decide upon a theme for the holidays before things get hectic. From decorations to playlists to sweet treats you’ll offer to customers, decide and delegate to get it all figured out and done NOW. Plan to use your color scheme on everything from invitations to wrapping paper to window decor.
  2. Grab some holiday decorations and props and take some lifestyle photos to use in your holiday email blasts, social media posts, and on your website.
  3. Speaking of websites, does yours have a wishlist area? Make a plan to promote its use, especially if you’re having a ladies' night. They’re also a great way to drop a hint. And I don’t know many men who wouldn’t appreciate one when it comes to shopping for the holidays!
  4. Do you use Clientbook or Podium? Make a plan to push one-on-one interaction with customers this year, as well as a follow-up strategy. These platforms are ah-maz-ing once you get past the learning curves. By the way, now is the time to get through any training that's needed so you can use them with confidence! Even if your store doesn't utilize these programs, you may be surprised by how many customers are open to receiving texts. Just limit these and, again, personalize each one.
  5. Don’t forget a retail jeweler’s best friend…the appointment feature of your website. It’s often overlooked but think about it. Today’s customer wants one-on-one attention when it's convenient for them, and setting an appointment is a way for them to get it without having to wait in line. Appointments also provide you an opportunity to connect with the person who made it so you can pull a few items before they step inside your doors. If you’re not selling online yet, the appointment feature can be a real game changer for your business!
Keep these tips in mind and you'll be sure to sleigh the holidays. Sorry, couldn’t help myself.
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