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Digital Marketing

If you do digital marketing, shouldn't it be with an agency who
knows the jewelry industry inside and out?

Strategic Digital Marketing Experts

Talk to the others, then talk with us.

Digital marketing is one of the biggest disruptors in the jewelry industry in decades. Nearly all consumers (97 percent) now use online media when researching products or services in their local area. Whether your business is fairly new to the digital world or has a well-established presence, we steer your digital and social marketing toward the strategies that are most effective. Our jewelry expertise will also save you money in the trenches. That’s because we’re not only experts in understanding the various platforms, but also in deploying solid strategic objectives that yield real and measurable results, all while keeping a close eye on tomorrow’s innovations.

I’m with Fruchtman.

“When we started working with Fruchtman Marketing, it was in a digital-only capacity. They’re now our full-service agency. They bring great creativity to the table, but more importantly, a sound and effective business strategy. As our marketing partner, they’ve helped us exceed our sales goals and have provided us with polished and professional marketing materials. We’re happy to say ‘we’re with Fruchtman.” —Keith Largin - Lewis Jewelers Ann Arbor, MI

Paid Search (PPC, SEM)

We lower your cost per click, deliver optimal results, and increase traffic.

If we haven’t made the case for you already, we’ll spell it out: A robust online presence is a must these days. Fruchtman Marketing can help you catch up with – or even pull ahead of – your competitors with a digital marketing strategy that evaluates the online behavior of your customers and uses paid search to locate them and lead them to your website, your products, your services — and eventually your store.

Most paid search (PPC, pay-per-click) campaigns underperform. That’s because they are managed by non-industry agencies, lack strategy, overpay, or are simply plug and play campaigns.

We are a Google Partner and Bing Partner, having been trained in best practices and as industry experts in utilizing Google AdWords and Bing for pay-per-click advertising. What this means is you can be confident you are getting a partner who has proven they’re an expert in digital marketing and understands the intricacies in the platforms. That makes us more efficient, which will ultimately result in cost savings for our clients.

paid search for jewelers

Digital Display Advertising

Banner advertising, geo-marketing, re-marketing, animated display

With consumers spending more time per day online than with any other medium, digital advertising is a must. As online platforms adjust to the ever-growing number of consumers online as well as how they choose to consume media, new and ever-changing opportunities present themselves that force us to rethink how we approach banner advertising. Again, the mobile explosion has changed what we used to think of as banner advertising. Now, banner advertising can include apps, consumer favorites such as Pandora Internet Radio, even online streaming services like Hulu. Our campaigns are designed to work on multiple platforms (such as desktop computers, notepad computers, and mobile devices) ensuring that customers will see your message no matter what device they use. But just as much thought goes into objectives and strategy in how we deploy each campaign.

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Digital Marketing - social media management

Social Media Management

Focused on brand positioning and sales growth

We go beyond “how to get fans or followers.” There is a big difference between quality and quantity and how it impacts your successes in social media. We believe in growing “organic” fan bases without relying on gimmicks that show numbers but little else. Our objectives focus on improving the quality of engagement on your social pages and identifying different consumer buying cycles that do more than “get fans,” they drive sales.

Every year, new players appear on the social media scene. Our job is to identify those channels that have strategic relevance to your business. You can’t be on every channel and be effective. It spreads resources too thin, dilutes the message, and results in loss of effectiveness. Why fish on the side of the pond with only 10% of the fish?

We’re social media savvy and stay on top of the trends and help you navigate the changing social media landscape. We not only speak the language, we know what to say to keep customers buzzing about you!

Facebook Advertising

Highly targeted brand positioning and campaign development

Facebook is still the reigning king of social media. It has passed the 1.23 billion mark in monthly active users, including 945 million monthly mobile users. However, simply posting to Facebook will not deliver success. Your content is competing with an endless supply of other posts and messages and there is fierce competition for eyes. With all these messages crowding a news feed, Facebook must use a complex News Feed algorithm to determine what content to show and to whom – things like how often a “fan” engages with a page helps determine how close their relationship is, or their “affinity” for the page, or simple “time decay” based on how current the content is. There are many other factors that go into how your content is viewed. However, with less than a 6% organic reach, Facebook advertising become a integral part of your social success. It not only allows businesses to push those messages to a much larger number of fans, but also to target potential new fans. It’s also extremely effective in the ability to pinpoint users based on location, gender, age, etc. For us, that means defining our objectives for posts and how we can promote specific categories. It really comes down to good ol’ fashioned advertising.

Jewelry marketing co-op

Digital Co-op for Brands

Drive traffic and brand awareness with Digital Co-op

Fruchtman Marketing has also developed and managed digital co-op programs for brands, such as A.Jaffe, Imagine Bridal, Fana, Pandora and TiSento Milano. This co-op program reaches potential customers through various types of digital marketing opportunities, most commonly social marketing and paid search which also provide retailers with valuable data and traffic. Through product-driven posts, access to custom content, promotions, and targeted messaging, retailers will drive sales and see growth in their own fan base and/or website while highlighting your brand. The best part? (Well, second best if you want to count increased customers.) We manage the entire digital co-op program for you including co-op reporting, while you reap the rewards. Interested to hear more? Email us to schedule a time to chat.

email marketing

Email Marketing

Do you have a strategy for your email marketing?

How do you reach a large audience at a very low cost? Email marketing. Today’s email marketing is much different than what it was 5 or 10 years ago. The biggest change is the adoption of the smartphone; we are seeing 65% – 80% of emails being opened on a mobile device vs. desktop. Consumers now access this information at home or on the go and do so more frequently. What does that mean? For us it means rethinking content. Strong calls to action, powerful subject lines, linking out to relevant content, and even when the emails are sent are all details that must be addressed to deliver optimal results. Believe us, there’s a method to the madness.

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