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Fruchtman Marketing has worked with many of the finest retailers, manufacturers, designers, importers, vendors, and trade organizations in the jewelry industry. Are you ready?
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Since 1981

A book, a typewriter and the rest is history.
It's not how you start, it's where you end up.

When we tell the story of Fruchtman Marketing, very few can believe we’re still in existence. By traditional business standards we did everything wrong. The business was started in 1981 on a bet and on a How to Start Your Own Advertising Agency book for $29.95. True story. It began in an upstairs bedroom with the first major business expenditure being a Brother typewriter. One person turned into two, then three. It moved from an upstairs bedroom to an upstairs office in a steel factory. When the steel pickler ran downstairs, everyone held on to their desks. It wreaked havoc on the lone designer who was busy using press-type to design the latest newspaper automotive ad. And from there, we kept growing.

From Inception

In the early 80s, we were known as Ad-In Concepts, a name born out of a not-so-competitive doubles tennis game. The name evolved (there were actually four names along the way). The staff grew and grew and in 1994, Fruchtman Marketing took on its first retail jewelry client. Business flourished exponentially for that retail client with some breakthrough and award-winning advertising. That retail client led to other retail clients, which led to other retail clients. And before we knew it, Fruchtman Marketing found an industry it loved, understood, and related to (after all, we too are a family-owned business) and one we were passionate about.

“It’s been a hell of a ride. And, we wouldn’t change one single day.”

We moved from a downtown location to our own building. We went from being a Northwest-Ohio advertising agency which handled regional business and some retail jewelers to a Northwest-Ohio marketing firm which only handles retailers, designer brands, manufacturers and organizations in the jewelry industry — nationwide.

Jewelry Marketing Awards
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