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What We Do: Strategic Jewelry Marketing

"You can’t be all things to all people. Figure out what you
can be, and you’ll be successful" - Ellen Fruchtman

Perhaps it’s not all about what we do, but what we don’t do.

To tell you the truth, the list of what we don’t do is pretty small. For example, we don’t handle celebrity red carpet dressing. There’s usually not a big call for this and yet, we do know the best companies to work with if you happen to have that need. We are strategic jewelry marketing experts. In a nutshell, we handle it all and with the exception of production and printing, we have an in-house staff to handle all of your creative, digital, media, public relations, and marketing needs. We work with independent retailers across the country, and realistically you need to be at a certain volume level to work with us. Some smaller-volume retailers begin working with us for their social or digital marketing needs, but the bulk of our clients work with us in a full service capacity.

All of our retailers come to us with one thing in mind: They want to take their business from point A to point B and they need a creative and strategic jewelry marketing partner to get them there. Manufacturers, designers, and the most reputable industry organizations come to us for the very same reason, in addition to our keen understanding of what their retail clients are looking for and need.

I’m with Fruchtman

Like most jewelers, we’re a business steep in tradition. We came to Fruchtman Marketing a few years ago with trepidation. How could they possibly give us the service we need from so far away? Nothing could be farther from the truth. Every question is answered within moments not days. Their team approach to our marketing is second to none. It goes beyond advertising. It’s marketing – from a company that really knows our business.
Jim Poag – James O. Poag Jewellers, Strathroy Canada