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Fruchtman Findings

Industry insights from the jewelry marketing experts.

The Importance of CRM in 2023

by Ashley Buckowing, Graphic Designer While pandemic jewelry sales were plentiful, retailers need to focus on what to do in the aftermath of a market high. Customer retention is one of the most important, and effective, ways to keep sales not only steady, but improving.  According to National Jeweler, customers want to be courted. It shouldn’t matter if...

Five Things You Should Do in 2023 in Digital Marketing

Shane O’Neill, Vice President Things change quickly in the digital world. Before 2010 few jewelers were on Facebook or used paid search and Facebook advertising. Some still don’t to the level they should. Moreover, there still is a lack of sophistication in regard to other digital efforts like websites or email marketing. It lacks planning, integration, strategy,...

2023 Art Trends For Your Store

by Traci Hubble, Traffic and Project Manager What better way to enhance your customers' shopping experience than purchasing art that aligns with your brand? Pastels…A Calming Influence A relaxing shade selection of pastels is gaining popularity this year. Pastels can be calming to the viewer, giving many art pieces in 2023 an aura and theme of peace and...

30-Minute Pasta Carbonara

By Angie Ash, EVP The answer to an “I have no energy to cook” night, this homemade dish comes together in just half an hour and is so delicious! Find the recipe on one of my favorite food blogs, Ambitious Kitchen, here! 2 large eggs1/2 cup grated pecorino romano or grated parmesan cheese1/2 teaspoon garlic powder8 ounces bacon...

Reshaping Marketing: The Power of Community

by Abbey Ellis, Account Coordinator Everyone wants to belong – to have community. Brands are reshaping their marketing strategies by fostering community and customers “belonging to the brand.” When a customer opts into an engaging, supportive, and relevant brand community, there is no longer a need to lure them into your orbit with intrusive advertising and marketing...

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