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Why we buy.

By Ellen Fruchtman, President How do you attract new customers to your store? A new research study conducted by Criteo, an advertising platform for the open internet, called Why We Buy – Consumer Behavior & Loyalty in the Age of Infinite Options included some interesting content. Some of the findings are common sense. Others might surprise you....

Facebook Advertising vs. Google Ads

In today's segment, we are fielding questions jewelers have about marketing. The question is, "What platform do prefer more, Google or Facebook?" The short answer is that they both serve two different types of consumers; those in-market and those who might not be. As with any marketing, it starts with a plan.   [embed]https://youtu.be/hBVbN5hVmuM[/embed]...

Mom’s No Stereotype

By Angie Ash, Executive Vice President Today’s moms don’t fit outdated stereotypes. They are certainly complex. They raise children and lead meetings. They balance checkbooks alongside bags of groceries. They may be moms to one and stepmoms to another. But an overlooked fact is that many are also your self-purchasing female with the means to buy fine jewelry...

The Double-Edged Sword

By Ellen Fruchtman, President The double-edged sword rears its head every year. It dangles like a carrot. It moves otherwise brilliant business people to make marketing decisions based on reimbursements, versus the benefits of your own brand awareness. Ahhh. It’s co-op time. Typically, by the end of Q1, many larger brands who dole out the dollars (actually...

Building a Marketing Budget

By Ellen Fruchtman, President Yes, it’s the end of February, and for those planners out there, you should already have your 2019 budget finalized. But, I have a sneaky suspicion many of you are still going by the seat of your pants with zero strategies and no rhyme or reason as to what you should do and...

Age of the Cookie Cutters

By Shane O'Neill, Vice President Who cares about fine wine and nice cars? We should all be drinking two-buck-Chuck and driving a practical car, right? It would be cheaper and cloth seats are the new leather. And while we’re at it forget about the Jimmy Choo stilettos. You can match a sensible pair of shoes from Payless...

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