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What About the First Screen?

by Kyna Steinfurth - Media Director Do you know what second screen advertising is? If not, it’s where consumers use a mobile device while watching television. It’s all everyone seems to be talking about. I get it, as approximately 87% of consumers use more than one device at a time. That number is huge! But…they’re failing to...

More Business Tools For Instagram

Instagram has captured the attention of consumers and businesses alike. And as new features continue to develop, it’s obvious that Facebook is trying to reach parity between the platforms for advertisers. It’s no surprise, given the revenue that advertising brings in for the unshakable social media giant; and it comes with a big sigh of relief...

Instagram’s New App “Boomerang”

Instagram is aiming to take up more space on our mobile devices with their new video app, Boomerang. And the good news is, you’ll find it far easier to use than indigenous Australian tool-gone-fad-toy that we all know and love – or hated, if you’re anything like me. This new app (developed by Instagram, but it’s not...

The Big Three: Social Channels for a Focused Strategy

As an agency, it’s our job to outline recommendations to our clients that are both strategic and provide the best opportunities for their marketing dollars. Social media has always been an area that can be confusing to most retail jewelers. Do you dive into every social channel or just pick your favorites? Neither. When it comes...