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Understanding The Instagram Algorithm

By Dana Rathke, Social Media Specialist

Do you know how the Instagram algorithm works?

Instagram’s algorithm affects everyone that uses the platform! The endless question is how do you get to get it to work in your favor? Here are some tips to focus on when posting and when using Instagram.

1. Post more often.

2.Post video.

Video consumption on Instagram increased 80 percent year over year from.

Posting videos—whether Live, as a Story or on IGTV—will also increase the time your audience spends with each post, which can lead to increased engagement.

3.Post when your audience is looking.

4.Be personable.

This tip pertains to social media listening.  

5.Use hashtags well.

6.Run a contest for a quick boost.

7.Encourage people to turn on notifications.

8.Make your posts truly incredible.

The key to everything on Instagram is relationships, interest, and timeliness!


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