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The Big Game

By Angie Ash, Executive Vice President Did you watch The Big Game? Many people still don’t realize the NFL owns the rights to the term Super Bowl! Regardless if you were Team Buccaneers or Team Chiefs, or just wanted to see The Weeknd at halftime, you likely noticed the theme of the commercials this year aimed for...

Media 101

Media 101

by Kyna Steinfurth, Media Director For years Fruchtman Marketing has been invited annually to speak with the senior marketing class at our local university. We offer insights into marketing to assist these students with their marketing plan thesis. We quickly realized that what these students needed most was a Media 101 on how to strategize, and plan,...

Don't Waste Advertising Dollars

Do Not Waste Your Advertising Dollars

by Kyna Steinfurth, Media Director A lot of business owners feel that if they are going to grow their business they need to market their message to everyone and use the most impressive marketing options to stand out from the crowd.  The problem with this way of marketing is that it is extremely expensive.  They do not...

The Truth About Media Stats

One of my biggest pet peeves is working with media reps who do not understand the information that they are sending to me.  They are either sending me rankers showing why their radio station or TV programs are more popular than the competition or forwarding me information about how another media medium is struggling. A good media...

Top Five Ways To Misuse Your Agency

Top Five Ways To Misuse Your Agency. Ok. I saw that. You just rolled your eyes at my title. And that’s because you’re thinking I’m biased; I work in marketing, for a marketing agency no less. You’re right. And that’s exactly why you should listen up. It takes an insider to point out the biggest mistakes clients...

What Are You Waiting For?!

September was an insane month for us here at Fruchtman Marketing – it was annual meeting month. We structured the month for several of our clients to travel to Toledo, sit down with the marketing team, and talk shop. We learned about our clients’ 2015 to date, solidified Q4, and mapped out the 2016 strategy for...