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Birthday Card Program

Continuing To WOW!

by Angie Ash, Executive Vice President We’re celebrating another birthday card client. Our birthday card program continues to wow! We’re excited to announce the addition of Diamond Guild to our birthday and anniversary card programs. We’re wishing them lots of anticipated success with the card program in the coming months! To find out more, click here....

Corinne Jewelers - Bday Card Program

Make A Wish!

by Michael Fruchtman, CFO Our birthday card program is catching fire. Do you want to start a birthday or anniversary card program for your store? Here’s what Ryan Blumenthal, of Corinne Jewelers, has to say: "I used the birthday and anniversary program for years and it was enormously successful. To be honest, I took a hiatus and decided to...

Schmitt Jewelers - Winner

A Big Congratulations!

by Ellen Fruchtman, President To our own Schmitt Jewelers in Phoenix, AZ for their winning design in the AGTA Spectrum Awards 2018! This stunning ring features a 14.73 ct. orange zircon from color gemstone expert, Roger Dery. Accented with tsavorite garnets and diamonds. See all the winners here....

A Special Thanksgiving Guest

Have you ever sent a text to the wrong number? When Grandma Wanda did, she ended making national news (and making a new friend.) Jamal Hinton, 17, of Phoenix found himself accidentally brought into a group text for planning Thanksgiving dinner. When he made an attempt to find out who was texting him, he was informed that...

Did You Die On Friday?

Just as you’re counting down the last month and a half of 2016, ready to ring in a new year, Facebook is trying to kill you off. A brief glitch hit Facebook this past Friday, marking thousands of the social media giant’s users as deceased. People logged in to find that they had been “memorialized”; their accounts...

What’s Hot? Prize Candles.

I recently got pulled into a promotional offer advertised on Instagram for a company called Prize Candle. This company creates soy candles that contain a special gift in each candle: a ring! The promo that enticed me was buy one candle, get another one free—a simple bogo offer. Honestly, it’s the simple bogo offer that entices...

Personalization Inspiration

How cool is this? My daughter was recently notified of her acceptance to The University of Pittsburgh. Although they sent a snail mail letter, too, as follow-up, she was initially notified through email, via this link.  The personalization made it really engaging and she shared it with all of her friends. It’s a brilliant move for a...

Candy and Adult Beverages

Claire Hayes over at Spoon University created a list of the best candy/alcohol pairings. As a college student, she created these pairings for budget-minded students who will be drinking the Halloween weekend away. For those of you who need a little help suffering through the hordes of trick or treaters on Halloween, this will work for...

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