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How We Work

Maybe you’ve worked with an advertising agency before. Maybe we’re your first. In any case, to have a successful marketing partnership, it’s always best to get a clear understanding of how we work, what you can expect from us — and what we expect from you.

When you sign with Fruchtman Marketing, you’ll get a top-notch team devoted to you. On your team, you’ll have an account supervisor, a business manager, an account coordinator, a media director, a digital team, a graphic designer, and a copywriter. Other people may be brought in to work on your account on an as-needed basis.

First, we open lines of communication. We’ll work with you on your preferred method of communication be it phone or email. Based on the number of projects each month, you will hear from us often! Once a month, you’ll have a more formal and scheduled conference call among several members of your team and ours. There will be a formalized agenda provided to you a minimum of 24 hours before the call and a follow-up conference report for your files. This keeps us organized and will help you reference what we discussed.


The process begins by building your strategy and developing a comprehensive budget at the beginning of the year or your fiscal year. And by the way, we stick to it. We’ll only go beyond the budget if approved or directed by you. If you’re a retailer, we track your monthly sales numbers, new customer counts, and how specific promotions have delivered. We’ll keep an eye on your numbers, and if we see something glaring, we’ll point it out. We have the ability to compare your numbers to like retailers, so we can communicate trends. Your numbers, however, are completely confidential and will never be shared or discussed with any other client. If you’re a manufacturer, designer, wholesaler or other industry service, the overall process is similar.

If we had to sum up how we work in one word it would be organization. We’re here to keep you on track, in the know, and moving the train forward. Nice and simple.