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The Importance of Holiday Posts

The Importance of Holiday Posts

by Kristy Cartmell, Graphic Designer If you can think of it, there’s a holiday for it. For example, National Brush Day is on November 1st to combat the sweet tooth many of us may be suffering from the day after Halloween. National Good Neighbor Day is September 28th and National Clean Out Your Computer Day is the...

Facebook Advertising vs. Google Ads

In today's segment, we are fielding questions jewelers have about marketing. The question is, "What platform do prefer more, Google or Facebook?" The short answer is that they both serve two different types of consumers; those in-market and those who might not be. As with any marketing, it starts with a plan.   [embed]https://youtu.be/hBVbN5hVmuM[/embed]...

Sharing on Social Media

The Science of Sharing on Social Media

by Logan Taylor, Social Media Coordinator The Facebook Algorithm. It’s constantly changing. But, could there be a way around it? Yes - increase your engagement! With more engagement on your posts - liking, commenting, reacting or sharing - Facebook’s Algorithm will see your content as valuable and relevant. In return, showing your content more frequently and with...

Facebook's Newest feature

Facebook Rolls Out New Feature

by Ashley Bowen, Account Coordinator Facebook just made it easier to analyze the social media marketing of your competitors. The social media giant recently introduced a new feature which allows anyone to see the ads being run by a page, even if you don’t follow that page. If used effectively, this enhanced feature will allow businesses to...

first screen

What About the First Screen?

by Kyna Steinfurth - Media Director Do you know what second screen advertising is? If not, it’s where consumers use a mobile device while watching television. It’s all everyone seems to be talking about. I get it, as approximately 87% of consumers use more than one device at a time. That number is huge! But…they’re failing to...

Speak Video

Take a look at your Facebook feed. High chances there is a video playing automatically with every scroll. That’s because we live in an age of mobile video domination. In a recent article by Michael Humphrey in Forbes titled, “What You Need To Know About Social Video Marketing In 2017”, the CEO Brad Jefferson of Animoto...

Did You Die On Friday?

Just as you’re counting down the last month and a half of 2016, ready to ring in a new year, Facebook is trying to kill you off. A brief glitch hit Facebook this past Friday, marking thousands of the social media giant’s users as deceased. People logged in to find that they had been “memorialized”; their accounts...

One Weird Trick That Will Change Facebook Forever

Clickbait titles work. And they’re really, really annoying. It doesn’t matter how many you’ve seen, the allure of finding out what’s behind “10 Secrets Company X Doesn’t Want You To Know!” and “This One Weird Trick Will Change Your LIFE!” is simply too strong. But Facebook is starting to fight back. Anyone who follows Facebook’s development from...