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They Like Me

It’s the thing every retailer needs to do. Somewhere along the line, you need to convince your prospective customer they should try your brand.  To do that, you have to understand the very basic principal of why people make a decision to buy from you versus anyone else. Beyond the price-shopper (and today you do need...

Name Dropping

For many, many years, jewelers have bought into the philosophy of supporting bridal brands. They invested LOTS of buy-in dollars in carrying these brands. They heavily promoted the brands by tagging the designer line’s television spots. They used the brand's provided radio scripts, hosted the designer brand's trunk shows, and tagged the brand’s national print ad...

Where Are You, Howard Beale?

You have to admit, there are many times life imitates art. Take the movie, Network (1976). Written by Paddy Chayefski, the film was considered "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" by the Library of Congress. If you haven't seen it (I'm assuming there are some younger people out there reading this), you really must. It is as...