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Beyond A Wedding Dress

Planning a wedding is both an exciting and stressful time (although I am not speaking from experience).  Setting a date and choosing a venue, creating the guest list, selecting flowers, securing a photographer, picking out the best cake are just some of the few tasks that need to be complete in order to have that perfect...

Inventory Made MUCH Easier

In years past, the word Inventory invoked many a shudder for retail jewelers. Then someone took the initiative to come up with a solution, combined it with brilliant engineering, and is now making this important task much, much more efficient and — dare I say — even a little fun. Utilizing RFID technology, retail scanners can...

A New Technology: “CapCam”

As I am browsing through “AdWeek.com”, I stumble across an article, written by Lauren Johnson about a new technology developed by the beer brand, “Beck’s” and BBDO Germany. The new technology is a “CapCam”, which is a 360-degree camera that fits on top of a beer bottle (in this case, a Beck’s beer bottle). The idea behind...

Rogue One Ordered To Reshoot

I’m sure everyone is just as excited and intrigued about the new era of Star Wars as I am. The Force Awakens smashed global box office records, and Rogue One, the first spin-off of the Disney era is promising an exciting and darker look at the galaxy as the Galactic Empire rises to power between the...