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3 Google Ads Tips for Jewelers

3 Google Ads Tips for Jewelers

by Charles Pobee-Mensah, Director of Digital Marketing Advertising on Google is so complicated that they offer a certification for it. Yes. A certification to buy ads. Why, you ask? Because if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re probably wasting money. And will Google let people who don’t know what they’re doing buy ads? Yes. Yes, they will. It turns out that when you own the most coveted ads spots in the world, you get to do whatever you want. You do want those coveted ad spots, and you don’t want to waste money. To that end, here are 3 Google Ads tips for jewelers from pros who set up these campaigns for jewelers all the time.
#1 Target Your Top Zip Codes
Your customer history is a treasure trove of valuable information to help you with targeting. We often ask our clients to give us their customer zip codes over the past two years and broken out by sales & number of transactions. If you use a POS system like The Edge, it should be easy to get. From there we target the zip codes that have the most transactions and sales. By targeting specific zip codes rather than a radius around the store, you can make sure that your money is focused where it will be most effective.
#2 Know Your Store’s Keywords
Keywords seem like a simple concept. Just use the words that you want to show up for. “Engagement rings” “fine jewelry” and “watches”. Simple. But Google doesn’t want to just show your ads when people search for “engagement rings”. They also want to show it when people search for “opal engagement rings” and “vintage engagement rings” and “cheap engagement rings” and “Walmart engagement rings”. And they will. Unless you specifically tell them not to. When we set up Google search campaigns, we identify keywords that match our clients. Then we use refined match types and modifiers to ensure that they don’t waste money on clicks for terms that aren’t relevant to their business. We also add “negative keywords” to show Google what terms we don’t want to show up for. Like “cheap” and “cubic zirconia”. Building a refined list of keywords to match your store will help you hone in on the right customers.
#3 Set Up Ads To Reflect Your Store
Every jeweler has a different set of pillars holding up their store. It could be estate jewelry, bridal, watches, colored gemstones, custom, you name it. Whatever the case, determine yours and build your ads around them. Here’s how.
Ad Groups
Ad groups are used to group your keywords with a specific set of text ads. A jeweler who specializes in estate jewelry might include the words “vintage”, “estate” and “antique” as different ads and keywords in one ad group.
Ad Extensions
Google also allows you to include “ad extensions” which will sometimes extend your ads to show extra information. Be sure to include your phone number and links to relevant pages in your ad extensions. For example, your “engagement rings” adgroup could include extra links to your contact page and financing page.
Going Forward
These are just three tips out of an endless amount. In fact, our search ad setup checklist is over 20 items long and doesn’t include ongoing optimization and analysis. The main point, however, is to understand that your Google search advertising isn’t quite the same as any other business. There are things that you’ll do differently as a jeweler. Remember this and your money will be better spent whether it’s online or offline. Are you looking for a marketing partner who can help you run the most effective advertising campaign? Contact
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