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5 Free Tools From Google To Further Your Marketing

5 Free Tools From Google To Further Your Marketing

by Charles Pobee-Mensah, Director of Digital Marketing In a high tech world, marketing software can be expensive and confusing to use. As a busy jewelry retailer, you may elect not to even bother. Of course, without staying up on things, you run the risk of falling behind during a generation of quick change. Fortunately, Google has your back. Here are five free tools from Google that are simple to use.

Google Analytics Is Easier Than Ever Analytics tracks lots of details about your website visitors, but it can be a lot to learn. Instead of studying how to use it, you can just ask it questions through Analytics Intelligence. Here’s what Google says about its AI tool. “Ask Analytics Intelligence questions in plain English and get fast answers.” Google also has a list of questions they recommend trying. Here are just a few:
  • “How many users did we get yesterday?”
  • “Trend of new users this month?”
  • "Trend of new users this year vs last year."
  • “How many new users did we get last week on mobile?”
Find Analytics Intelligence at the top right corner of the homepage of your Analytics account.

Google Search Console Is New and Improved Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) is a simple and free tool. It gives you information about what search terms you’ve shown up for and the clicks, impressions, and landing pages associated with them. The new beta version of Google Search Console in not only easier to use, but it also gives you a 16-month window of time to view. This used to be limited to just 90 days, preventing year over year comparisons. Pro Tip: Connect Google Search Console to Google Analytics. Analytics can display search console data and store it indefinitely.

Google Alerts Keep You Informed Google Alerts lets you monitor the web for new content. If you set up an alert with the name of your store, you’ll get an email the next time Google comes across a mention of it. This is a great tool to find out when people are saying things about your business online, good or bad.

Google Trends Is Fun And Easy Did you know that in 2016, searches for “rose gold rings” surpassed “white gold rings”? Google did. Not a bad trend to keep an eye on. As a jeweler, you’re in the fashion business, so it’s important that you keep up on trends. Google Trends will give you general trend data about searches done on Google. You can even search by state or city or compare the trends of multiple search terms. Unfortunately, Google trends don’t give you hard numbers. If you want actual numbers, you’ll want to check out the next tool.

Adwords Keyword Planner Is A Big Help For SEO Google Adwords is the tool to use for running ads on Google. Lucky for you, Google needed a way to help their advertisers do research for their ad campaigns. Thus, the Keyword Planner was born. The keyword planner gives you access to some hard numbers on search data. You can use it to see how many people were searching for “engagement rings” in your city and then get ideas for related terms. This is great information to use for SEO on your website. You can sign up for an Adwords account and get access to the tool without spending a dime. However, you get access to charts, graphs, and more information if you actually set up and run a campaign.

Give One A Try

I suggest picking one and giving it a try now for a quick win. Wondering which gemstones are gaining in popularity? Google Trends doesn’t require any setup or sign in. Who knows. You could learn something helpful to your business in the next five minutes. Are you looking for professional jewelry marketers to make even better use of this data? Contact
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