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Creating Value – The Key to Success in 2024

Creating Value – The Key to Success in 2024

by David Turgeon, SVP Client Services Regardless of the endless prognostications of how 2024 will unfold, customers are still buying jewelry – but they are being far more discriminating in what they buy, and far more demanding when it comes to quality, their service experience, and real, personal value. When it comes to the tug of war between purse strings and heart strings, how you make a customer feel and building authentic value will always win!
  • Believe it or not, when selling jewelry, it’s NOT all about the piece OR the price. It’s about the client’s perception of VALUE. It’s about how well the product fits the customer’s individual needs. That means that your sales approach – regardless of what you are showing, has to be driven more by listening than by talking. For each item, be prepared to illustrate versatility and emotional significance. Quit talking about what it IS and start talking about what it can DO for the client and for the recipient.
  • Regarding service and experience: 2024 is the time to pull out all the stops and do all you can do to create a truly legendary experience for your customers. Every store is different in its approach to their unique brand promise and proposition – but here are certain fundamentals that are completely consistent for all stores.
In my opinion, these are the Client Experience Non-Negotiables: BE WELCOMING: Meet incoming guests immediately. A smile and direct eye contact, even if you are busy, is both reassuring and welcoming. If it makes sense, position a dedicated greeter – bright, cheery and authentically friendly - during your busiest times. CREATE A SENSE OF CELEBRATION: Offer refreshments. Good coffee, a glass of prosecco … the possibilities are endless. As every good host knows, however, having is not the same as offering. Take a celebratory approach to your client’s experience with you. SHATTER EXPECTATIONS: You cannot afford to fail when it comes to delivering on promises in 2024 and always. Do what you say – every time – ahead of time. Follow Up and make your client feel valued! CONVENIENCE: Be there! If you open at 10, make sure you’re set up, ready to go BEFORE 10. If there’s a customer at the door a little early, be ready to open early. If you close at 6, understand that it really means, ‘close at 6, or whenever the last customer has completed their transaction’. The goal has to be to accommodate – not to rush the client experience! It is absolutely essential that you DO NOT begin any on the floor closing activities (i.e. vacuuming, pulling cases, straightening up merchandise, even putting out bins or trays) while there are customers in the store. Not only does this kind of activity make customers feel uncomfortable and unwelcome – but in many cases, it is a major security risk. ATTITUDE and PASSION: If you don’t love what you do, you should be doing something else. Customers come to your store to see beautiful things and celebrate love. Your passion – for the customer, for their experience, and for your brand and your product, is what will determine whether you make the sale or hand the customer over to one of the competitors in your market who would love to earn their loyalty. TEAMWORK: Know your strengths and know when it’s time to rely on those around you to help deliver the best experience your store has to offer. THE BOTTOM LINE: YOU are in complete control of your own fate this year. Success in 2024 will come as a result of making the right choices. Will you wait for customers to come in or will you go after the business by cultivating the leads you’ve built? Will you use the ‘economy’ as an excuse or will you accept that uncertain times simply mean that ‘good’ isn’t good enough anymore – that you have to be better than you’ve ever been in creating authentic value to capture our customer’s heart and dollar? “More than ever, customers will in time forget the details of their purchase, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”
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