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Gen Z Shopping Habits

Gen Z Shopping Habits

by Angie Ash, EVP

As the mom of two Gen Z girls, I can attest to their noses always being in their phones. Personally, I would be happier with their noses in more books, but I digress. However, as tied to technology as they are, they definitely fit the mold of what Gen Z wants in a shopping experience:

  • Brick and mortar preferred shopping
  • The ability to use offers (they won’t buy at retail unless it’s under protest)
  • They pay attention to online exclusives that aren’t available in-store
  • They comparison shop constantly, always looking for the best price
  • They ask for opinions from friends and family before buying
Check out this infographic for more details on Generation Z. As a fine retail jeweler, don’t forget that we all age, much as we hate to think about it or admit it. The oldest in Gen Z is my oldest daughter’s age, 24, so start paying attention to this buying group and their shopping habits NOW. They’re quickly heading for the engagement ring sweet spot, which ALSO means Millennials you’ve been targeting for bridal will soon be transitioning to fashion buyers!
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