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How to Optimize Content for Local Online Findability

How to Optimize Content for Local Online Findability

by Pat Giammarco, SEO Specialist

Digital marketing designed to attract nearby users can offer a real boost to your local online findability. One of the best ways to leverage this is by optimizing content for local SEO. To effectively reach people near you, you’ll need to produce high-quality content that is engaging and useful for the people you want to read it. Consider the following local content types:

  1. Local news write-up: Are you having a trunk show or other special event that your community would be interested in? Send it to local news publications.
  2. Promote industry-related content: Jewelry-related industry content can be even more interesting to those nearby if you can find a way to localize it.
  3. Answer local FAQs: Be helpful and answer questions from your community members.
Share local content on social media: Be sure to share local happenings (yours and other businesses) and encourage shares and likes.
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