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Is Your Paid Search Agency on Top of Its Game?

Is Your Paid Search Agency on Top of Its Game?

by Shane O'Neill, Vice President

As most are aware, online paid search (SEM) is a hyper-competitive space. Keyword strategy, audience targeting, campaign and website optimization…the list goes on. They’re all key to maintaining appropriate budgeting, scaling of CPC spending, and attaining sustainable campaign metrics. However, if you advertise on Google, they’re switching it up.

Google is sunsetting Broad Match Modified keywords. On February 4, 2021, they announced that Phrase Match keywords would be expanding. As Google algorithms get better at understanding the “intent” of a user's search, expanding Phrase Match allows SERPs to include searches that have the same meaning as the associated keyword search phrase.

Bottom line? If you’re using a heavy Phrase Match keyword strategy, you should expect to see an increase in impressions and clicks. This may affect your budgeting as additional search becomes available. From an agency perspective, our concern is the accuracy of additional search based on “intent”. This may require a pivot in SEM strategy as we assess the impact on metrics and conversions moving forward. How are you or your agency adjusting your strategy?

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