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Keeping Up With Social Media

Keeping Up With Social Media

by Logan Taylor, Social Media Coordinator I’m sure you’ve all heard of the major changes that are continuing to happen to Facebook since January 2018, from the new newsfeed algorithm to the hefty amount of advertised campaigns. But, did you know that other top social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have also been changing things up and could have an effect on your business as well? Here’s a look at the top changes that are happening across the board in the world of social media:
Facebook’s ads manager has a new feature, Dynamic Creative, that will help you use Facebook’s new algorithm to test variations in images, headlines, and text. Instead of creating A/B tested ads, use Dynamic Creative and Facebook will mix and match to determine the best creative for your brand.
Instagram has added a new follow feature, hashtag following. Now consumers can follow the content they're most interested in and it will automatically appear in their newsfeed. As a business, keep your hashtags targeted to your specific topics but also to what your competitors are using.
LinkedIn has updated their sales navigator app to make it easier and more efficient for businesses to access information about previous, existing, and possibly new customers.
Just like Facebook, the redesign of the Snapchat feed will cause more businesses to advertise in order for their content to be seen on the Discover page. Attract and engage your customers effectively while also gaining a significant edge over your competitors by keeping up with the latest social media changes. Source:
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