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Are You Ready For A Relationship; With Your Marketing?

Are You Ready For A Relationship; With Your Marketing?

By Shane O'Neill, VP

Ahh, spring is in the air, finally, and it’s time to start thinking about relationships. Coming off a great Centurion Show and heading into JCK Vegas, many jewelers are doing just that; meeting with their current suppliers and forging bonds with new ones. Everyone’s gearing up for a strong 2016 and looking for the partners to make that happen.

Yet, all to often, the last thing on some jewelers minds is their marketing. Instead they would rather date a lot. A website here, direct mail there, someone plugging away at social media and still someone else managing paid search, or any other slew of marketing needs. And while they all look sexy on the surface, behind the scenes they compete against each other. All trying to look out for your best interests, wink, wink, yet with their own agenda. Just like dating they offer the pieces and parts that you think will make you happy, but in the end no one talks to each other and everyone starts vying for attention. That’s fragmented marketing. It leads to inconsistent messages that sometimes compete with one another or overlap marketing efforts that waste time and money. Holy smokes! It is just like dating!

Me... I’ll take a relationship. Someone who is always on the same page as you, looks out for your best interests and gives you what you need to be a better business. Once you have that, you can set goals and plan your future, knowing someone has your back in all aspects of your business. That’s strategic marketing and once you experience it you’ll never want to date again.

You see, we’re all just businesses trying to make a living, but we’re not in the business to sell pieces and parts. We provide strategic marketing. Yes, we’re full service. We build the website, develop the branding and creative, manage the social and paid media. We handle the digital and traditional public relations, advertising and promotion all under one roof. But just because we do it all doesn’t mean you need it all. We look at your business as a whole – your unique challenges and opportunities. And we create a budget, determine what makes the most sense, and build a plan. We’re here to develop relationships. And we’re serious about your future.

Are you ready... to start a relationship?

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