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Red, White & Blue Might Be More Valuable Than You Think

Red, White & Blue Might Be More Valuable Than You Think

by Ashley Buckowing, Art Director

With Independence Day approaching, it’s natural to think about rubies, diamonds and sapphires. But if I learned anything from JCK, it was just how important our gemstone favorites actually are.

Lab-grown diamonds are making their mark on the industry, but not necessarily in the best way. However, it does teach us that natural diamonds may be further out of reach for the general population than we want them to be. Because of this, people are seeking alternative engagement options, and one of the most important ones are gemstone engagement rings. It brings more uniqueness and personality, and it can also be much more sentimental than your classic diamond. People are seeking the birthstones of themselves and their partner and matching it up in one ring, or simply adding color to their diamond to make it stand out a bit more. 

Color gemstones are typically kinder to the bank account than a natural diamond and offer creative options that make the ring feel more rare. Because at the end of the day, the consumer wants something that is going to feel like it was made just for them and their romance, even if it wasn’t. 

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