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The Importance of Shopify and Ecommerce

The Importance of Shopify and Ecommerce

While your website may be the greatest marketing tool at your disposal, the ability to have your customers shop and purchase your products on the spot is a game changer. And that's where e-commerce enabled Shopify shines! Aside from boosting sales, Shopify also boasts over 6,000 integrations for your site, defends against hackers and keeps your site mobile friendly. Easy for you to use, easy for your customers to shop! Shopify is very user-friendly and simple to use. It lays everything out for you and even provides you additional marketing tools that you may not have been aware of previously. Plus, if you encounter an issue, their customer service is great and they take care of all of your general website maintenance so you have one less thing to worry about Fruchtman Marketing is a Shopify Partner with expert knowledge of the platform. For more information or for a website quote, email To learn more about the benefits of e-commerce and Shopify, read a full article from National Jeweler here.
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