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They Like Me

They Like Me

It’s the thing every retailer needs to do. Somewhere along the line, you need to convince your prospective customer they should try your brand. To do that, you have to understand the very basic principal of why people make a decision to buy from you versus anyone else. Beyond the price-shopper (and today you do need to be price-competitive), people buy from brands they like and trust. It's truly that simple. How you get them to like and trust you is a different matter altogether. Ignoring it, however, will never make you the number one retail jewelry store in your market. So let's start with like. People fall in like and begin to trust you when you form an emotional connection. You might do that personally across the counter. If you're selling the way you should be selling — i.e. getting to know that person, you're hopefully forging some bond. People might like or trust you by something as simple as working together as a volunteer. You share a commonality, and now they think of you as so much more than someone trying to sell them something. People can actually like and trust you (or dislike and distrust you) based on your advertising and messaging. It is the face of who you are. The importance of forming that emotional connection is paramount. It's about connecting with a message that is relevant to them — not necessarily you. In a nutshell, it's being completely transparent. It's clearly explaining the differences between diamond lab certifications or why this one carat diamond is $6500 versus the one they saw for $2495. It’s getting into their head and overcoming obstacles typically presented. It's putting your best foot forward always. Because the first image quickly becomes the lasting image. Where does that first image and advertising message come from? It’s online. Cookie-cutter websites with cookie-cutter language does not set you apart. Would you literally have the same storefront, inventory, interior design, and advertising message as your competitor? Considering the average consumer is visiting several sites prior to walking in the door, what can you visually and verbally impart to make them say “I’ve got to talk to these people about my jewelry needs”. To connect with your prospects, you need to like and trust the individual(s) who are leading that charge for you. Whether it’s an outside firm or your internal marketing team. You need to take you out of the equation. It’s not about you, it's about what your audience will relate to. It’s about the customer you want to attract. That's probably the hurdle we try to overcome on a continual basis. The owner, who may be a male 55+, doesn't relate to the message being communicated to a bridal audience and therefore doesn't like the advertising. It is the quintessential marketing mistake. "Show the product. Show my beautiful store. Shoot a video of our large selection". In reality, it's not about that at all. If there is any business which should emotionally connect to their audience, it's the jewelry industry. You don't emotionally connect with facts and pricing. You don’t emotionally connect with a hard sell. Old-time marketing tactics are, well, just old. If you’re reading this article or are a regular reader of this newsletter, you will come to understand we never, ever sell. In fact, if we’re asked to speak at an event, we never speak about us – at all. Our job is to impart our expertise. To provide you with knowledge you can hopefully use in your business. To try and emotionally connect with you on some level. To make you think of us in a different light than any of our competitors. Because that’s who we are. And, if you want to be a great retailer, it’s how you should be. Get them with their heart first and the business will follow.
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