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Using Engaging Audio for Video Content

Using Engaging Audio for Video Content

By Erin Cole, Social Media Marketing Manager

Marketing is ever-evolving. There is always a new component to consider when looking at your social media strategy and how best to reach your customers. In the past year, video-style content has been a leading trend that enhances the value of products and increases conversions. However, many brands, while successfully creating visually appealing content, forget a key component: sound.

In 2019, the social platform Tik Tok emerged with significant growth and popularity. This platform helped spark the trend of video content while introducing the importance of audio as a tool to increase engagement.

Engaging with customer senses can be just as vital when pushing your users to take action and influencing their willingness to purchase. Additionally, engaging audio can improve overall user experience and the customer’s perception of your brand. For instance, if your brand aligns with a classy and traditional style, you may consider a sound that amplifies that aesthetic.

Example In this video reel from Moon Magic Jewelry, the brand showcases various fashion rings and necklaces. This particular brand aligns with being trendy and producing unique styles. So using a popular audio sound amplifies that tone and is more likely to increase engagement with their targeted audience.

It’s also important to be strategic in choosing how attention grabbing your audio needs to be. In the following example, The Clear Cut showcases emerald cut engagement rings. In their reel, they focus on educating their viewers on emerald cut diamonds by including text in their video. The sound in the video emphasizes a much calmer tone yet doesn’t distract from the messaging included in the video.

So, when you’re adding audio to your videos, consider what your brand “sounds like” and what message you want to be amplified to your customers.

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