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What’s Trending for June?

What’s Trending for June?

by Abbey Ellis, Account Coordinator

Happy June! As we welcome a new month and a new season, let’s check out what’s trending in the first month of summer.

  1. Inlays – The prolific use of colored gemstone inlay is becoming increasingly popular among brands, and the more distinctive or uncommon, the better. What is most appealing about the inlay trend to designers is its practical and economic element. The use of large chunks of colored gems, which are typical of the less expensive varieties, is a reasonable alternative to gold or more expensive stones. All around, this jewelry trend exudes a joyful, maximalist look that is perfect for summer.
  2. Enamel – This trend has been around for a couple of years now but has settled into a steady presence within the market, with a lot of brands gravitating toward the materials’ colorful possibilities. Like inlay, enamel is an easy and economical way to experiment with lots of color without breaking the bank. Designers are able to create their own custom enamel shades to fulfill the visions of their artistic universe, rather than sourcing gemstones to fulfill their vision.
  3. The Cocktail Jewel – Like enamel, cocktail jewelry is hardly new, it is a trend that designers continue to enjoy the freedom of experimenting with. Though it dates back to the prohibition era, the cocktail jewel still consists of a bold diamond or gemstone set into a chunky gold setting. But that hasn’t stopped designers from having a blast experimenting with settings and gem selection to give cocktail rings their own style. The cocktail jewel look is so popular that it inspired a new rendition: the cocktail pendant.
  4. Waves – There has been a noticeable shift in the shapes of jewelry lately, with graphic, geometric designs being replaced by more organic, wavy looks. For designers who resonate with curving lines, the waves trend is a great one to embrace. With wave-like designs inspired by the curving and not-so-serious shapes of movements, the jewelry pieces seem to move along with the wearer perfectly.
  5. Heavy Metal – Heavy metal designs are a current infatuation that goes hand in hand with the chunky gold settings of cocktail jewelry. Like most trends, the heavy metal style itself isn’t brand new, but the trend-starters are known as such because they’ve revived a style that isn’t currently commonplace or they created something unique about it. Think chunky gold settings, like rounded bezels, and other distinctive settings for stones that are trend-defiant in many ways but utilize lots of metal.
  6. Two-Stone Rings – A two-stone ring has become a big trend for rings, including commitment jewelry like engagement rings. This trend has likely trickled down from a couple of celebrities who recently debuted two-stone engagement rings, making other couples want to follow suit. A benefit of the two-stone ring trend is it is easily adaptable to any company’s brand aesthetic and doesn’t require reinventing the wheel.
  7. Playful Nostalgia – While playful, the trend strikes a sentimental chord because of the connotations. Millennial designers are ultra-nostalgic for their childhoods and often use the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s as inspiration. The trend can be interpreted on the nose or in a more abstract way, always consisting of colors and shapes that are undeniably youthful. Overall, this trend is rooted in fun, mirroring fashion’s ethos that luxury doesn’t have to be serious.
  8. Unisex – On the men’s jewelry front, inspired by professional athletes and style icons-in-the-making, the biggest trend is more of a dismantling of barriers than a new style. Men – particularly in the Gen Z cohort – are wearing styles that have been associated with women in recent decades. Brands have taken note and are reframing their work. Many brands are now incorporating both men and women in their campaigns without specifying if a line is for men or women.
Tell us which of these trends is your favorite or let us know if you’ve noticed any other trends emerging for June or summer in general. For more information on the above trends or to find product images to drool over, check out State of Design: The Jewelry Design Trends to Know Now.
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