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Are You Ready To “Show Up” In 2019?

Are You Ready To “Show Up” In 2019?

by Shane O’Neill, Vice President How we show up to various events, work, gatherings, etc. can say a lot about a person, but these usually focus on our appearance or other outwardly characteristics. However, how you mentally show up might be entirely different and that speaks more about attitude and motivation. We’ve all been to a party we might not have really wanted to attend, but we showed up…on the surface, smiled and had a good time, but would rather have been elsewhere. Yet, when it comes to your business you have to show up every day. The question I ask is How Will You Show Up in 2019? Attitude, drive, and ambition are not things you can fake and still expect to see results. So, I challenge you to ask yourself that question and make 2019 great. That starts with focus and determination to put things in motion that will lead you to success.

Let’s Talk About Your Marketing

It all starts here. You can’t show up in a big way for 2019 by throwing marketing ideas on a wall and hoping something sticks, randomly spending without any idea of what you’re trying to accomplish. Yet, we see and hear it all the time. “I’m too small to do effective marketing.” “We try different things throughout the year if opportunities present themselves.” “Marketing is too expensive.” The list goes on and on. The biggest issue with almost all of these jewelers, brands or manufacturers is that they have no plan at all. In fact, you’d be surprised how many don’t even have a budget in place. How are you going to do any marketing successfully if you don’t even know what you are able to spend? Want to set a foundation to really “show up” in 2019? Start with the basics; set a budget and build a plan. NEXT! No one likes to spend money, I get it, but don’t waste money doing random, unplanned marketing with inconsistent messaging. And if you don’t have a budget and plan, as mentioned above, that’s exactly what you’re doing! You’re investing in your business, so approach it that way. Financial advisors don’t randomly purchase the stock of companies they don’t know and understand. They plan for how much their clients need to invest to reach their financial goals. They also make sure to have the correct asset mix, based on risk tolerance and objectives to create a diversified portfolio. Doesn’t your business deserve the same planning? Create a fiscally responsible business!

Set Realistic Expectations

Another takeaway from financial planning is patience. If you’re following the plan, stay the course. Stocks go up and go down, but if you sell at the first sight of trouble without looking at the big picture, you’ll never get any traction. It’s more important to review portfolio performance year over year, not month by month. Marketing is exactly the same. No one month makes a trend and you must have enough data before making a decision on the effectiveness of a campaign. Stick to the plan! In fact, it’s best to think about a three to five-year plan. Where would you like to be with your business in three to five years? Then, once you have that clear vision, establish what needs to be accomplished in year one, year two, and so on. This gives you a clear focus on what and how to plan for each year. Then, at the end of each year, review what went right, what went wrong and adjust for the following year. Only then will your expectations be met. Focus on the future!

Prepare Now for a Successful 2019

There is no magic marketing wand you can wave and change the face of your business in a few months. Anyone promising you that is selling you swampland. Marketing is a combination of identifying consumers who are ready to buy and brand building. Depending on where you’re currently positioned in your market, this takes time. Start now! It takes time to ramp up any sophisticated marketing effort, make adjustments, and position the brand for success. For most retailers, the end of the year holiday season is the payoff, so plan now and have all the components in place to start 2019 with a bang! Again, this is where planning comes into play. Most retailers are not remotely thinking about 12 months from now and therein lies the problem. It’s amazing how many calls we get from retailers in August and September who just realized they have no plan for Q4. So as my friends Hans and Franz would say, “Listen now and believe me later”…start planning for 2019 now and show up in a big way for the holidays! Want to chat? We'll be at the Centurion Jewelry Show, #921. Make your appointment now!
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