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Crackers with a side of 24k gold, please.

Crackers with a side of 24k gold, please.

by Abbey Ellis, Account Coordinator

As a jeweler, has creating a stick of butter out of 24k gold ever crossed your mind? It crossed the minds of the Ritz Cracker Company’s marketing team when they partnered with a jewelry designer to host a contest that will award a butter-shaped 24k gold bar. Ritz creates a sense of community by hosting the giveaway, and encouraging their contestants to enter via TikTok by showcasing their “Buttery-er” self with the Live Buttery-er filter. This out-of-the-box campaign is so successful because it grabs your attention and sticks in your mind. When thinking about your own store’s marketing efforts, a couple of your goals should be to create a sense of community and to be memorable. A 24k gold stick of butter may not be feasible for most (if not all), but your marketing efforts don’t have to be this extreme! It can be as simple as a hashtag. Additionally, taking note of the upcoming ‘national days’ or holidays is a great way to drum up business. Here’s some examples:

  • Mother’s and/or Father’s Day gifts: market engraveable or personalized pieces for mom or watches for dad
  • National Selfie Day, June 21st: encourage past clients to take and post selfies with a specific hashtag while wearing the jewelry they got from your store
  • National Food Truck Day, June 28th: host a food truck or two in your parking lot! This will invite new customers to your store and create a wholesome experience for current customers
Remember, stay on people’s minds with memorable marketing campaigns that make people feel like they are part of the jewelry community. People want to do business with brands they remember and feel a connection to. What could you do in your store that is memorable and builds community?
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