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Create a Marketing Machine with a Blog

Create a Marketing Machine with a Blog

by Charles Pobee-Mensah, Director of Digital Marketing Every jeweler goes through a phase when they’re obsessed with Google. It dawns on them that everyone uses Google for everything. But they have to dig to find their own site after trying a search. A blog isn’t just a way to address this. It’s a certified marketing machine.

Blogs Give Google What They Want

Earlier this month, Google wrote a blog post that included tips about how to rank well. They used the word “content” 45 times. A typical jewelry website has a page for each type of jewelry sold and maybe a few more pages covering related topics like diamond education. You might have one or two dozen pages that probably don’t have all that much text on them. Contrast that with a blog, that easily racks up 52 pages just by posting once a week for a year. That’s two to four times as much content as what most jewelry sites rely on year after year.

How The Blog Machine Works on Google

Blogs are powerful marketing machines for SEO. They give Google lots of new content on a variety of topics. A single blog post on a jeweler’s site probably won’t rank for general terms with lots of search like “engagement rings”. It can rank, however, for a bunch of specific terms with less search like “best places to propose in ”. We’ve seen a jeweler get good traffic from a blog post on that topic. This is an easier way to introduce your brand to the exact same customer. Jewelry store blogs have the ability to cover lots of different topics; topics that a future customer might search for during different stages along their path to buying. This way you’re introducing your store and brand to future customers earlier in the process. By the time they’re ready to buy, they already know who you are and have found your website helpful.

Other Places The Blog Machine Works

Having lots of great content regularly posted on your site is a dream scenario for marketing. Every blog post that goes up is a new opportunity to talk to your customers. You can share the new post on social media and send an email to your list too. With regular blogging, you’ll find that some of the same customers will come back week after week to see what’s new in the blog. This is a fantastic way to stay top of mind and encourage sales.

How To Build Your Jewelry Blog

And we do mean build. Each post in your blog is like adding a brick to a house. Over time you’ll have a strong foundation and a respectable presence. Google will notice your site more and will reward you for having lots of rich, relevant content for them to show searchers, but it takes time. Start by making a list of topics you want to cover. Here are some topics to write about
  • Jewelry tips
  • Store events
  • Local events
  • Fashion trends
  • Birthstones
  • “Did you know” type of information
  • What you do and why you do it (could be things you sell, recommendations you make, etc.)
Beyond this list, look to Google trends for ideas about what people are searching for online. Try comparing a couple of ideas and seeing which is more popular. Also, after you do a search on Google, check out the bottom of the page. They’ll show you related searches. These serve as good variations or alternate topics to consider.

Build Momentum and Enjoy the Ride

Blogging is a long game, but once you build momentum over several months, you’ll start to see the fruits. To build momentum, blog regularly. Do it weekly if you can, monthly if you must. Consider splitting up the work among multiple authors to make it manageable. But know that you’re building up an asset that will last for years and years and can quickly become your unfair advantage. Do you want to work with an agency that can take help you take your website to the next level? Contact
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