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Turn Your Summertime Slump Into Summertime Sizzle

Turn Your Summertime Slump Into Summertime Sizzle

by Abbey Ellis, Account Coordinator

It’s pretty safe to say everyone in the jewelry industry knows that summer is a slow season. But a slow season doesn’t need to turn into a slump! Leverage the following 6 strategies to turn the slower summer season into a sizzling time of sales growth and customer engagement.

  1. Cultivate Online Customer Reviews
    • Positive reviews build trust and boost SEO.
    • Action: Implement a system (i.e. QR codes) at checkout for easy review submission.
  1. Engage with Brides-to-Be
    • Summer is prime time for weddings and wedding planning, but not engagements.
    • Action: Partner with wedding expos to showcase bridal jewelry and connect with couples.
  1. Partner with Summer Businesses
    • Implement a strategy to partner with local summer-centric businesses for mutual promotions to reach new audiences.
    • Action: Collaborate with a plant nursery offering discounts on jewelry with each purchase.
  1. Focus on Clearance
    • Use the slower season to move unsold inventory by hosting summer sales.
    • Action: Set up a "Summer Clearance" section with attractive discounts and eye-catching displays.
    1. Promote Customization
      • Nearly half of consumers value customization.
      • Action: Highlight your custom design services, share testimonials, and display design sketches or CAD images.
    1. Emphasize Ethical Practices
      • The number of consumers who consider ethics in their purchasing decisions is continuously increasing.
      • Action: Highlight sustainable practices, use ethical materials, and educate customers about your commitment to responsible sourcing.
    How will you take the summer season from slow to sizzling? For more information, check out the original article.
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