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Online Marketing That Jewelers Should (and Shouldn't) Do In-House

Online Marketing That Jewelers Should (and Shouldn't) Do In-House

by Charles Pobee-Mensah, Director of Digital Marketing The internet has made marketing more accessible than ever. It has also made marketing more complicated than ever. And, in this modern age, not all marketing activity is created equal. Marketing is no longer a choice between handing off everything to an agency or doing everything in-house. In fact, success in jewelry store marketing comes from the proper blend of both. Let's take a look at what's best for each solution.

Personal Touch Marketing

Today's marketing thrives on a personal touch. Since anyone with a cell phone can shoot the next viral video or photograph the next sensational meme, society is now used to consuming media that is more personal and intimate. Here are a few ideas for personal touch marketing that jewelers should do in-house.

Posting Lifestyle Photos

While many aspects of social media can be hired out, lifestyle posts are the perfect thing to do in-house. Find ways to regularly photograph pieces worth showcasing, like having a staff member snap an image of their hand with a ring on a finger while they’re out and about around town.

Responding to Feedback

Between reviews and social media accounts, there are plenty of ways for customers to tell you how they feel online. But responding to this feedback is just as much a marketing opportunity as any other. Potential customers will notice when pieces of feedback are acknowledged and responded to online. Don't miss this opportunity.


Many small businesses opt to do their own blog. They allow jewelers to tell their story and connect with visitors in their own way. It is also a great way to keep fresh content on your website.

Posting on YouTube

Like lifestyle posts and blogging, YouTube is an opportunity for jewelers to connect with customers and visitors directly. Because jewelers are experts in their field, their YouTube videos about shopping and caring for jewelry come with a sense of authority. Jewelers can take advantage of this by posting there regularly.

Specialized Marketing

Beyond the online personal touch marketing spearheaded by social media, specialized marketing has emerged. Running ads is no longer as simple as placing one in a newspaper. Now advertisers are responsible for understanding, optimizing, and maintaining online campaigns. It truly has become a field unto itself. Here are areas of specialized marketing that are best left to experts.

Ads Management

Whether it's on Google, Facebook, or YouTube, running online ads requires deep knowledge of both the platform and the strategies needed to make sure that the right people are being reached. On top of that, the strategies are constantly changing. Managing ads is a perfect candidate for experts.

Professional Copywriting

Whether it's website copy or a marketing email, professional copywriting is just as worthwhile today as it's ever been. Great copywriters can understand the brand and voice of your store and make sure that nothing is sacrificed as they craft a compelling message for your audience to absorb.

Professional Video

In addition to informal YouTube videos, professionally produced video is still as relevant as ever. YouTube has large amounts of both types, and professional video is great for ad spots on the platform.


While blogging is a great help to a website for "Content SEO", it only helps with one half of the coin. "Technical SEO" is an aspect that relies heavily on specialized knowledge and keeping up with trends. For this reason, SEO professionals are irreplaceable. Focusing your time, effort, and energy in the right way can play a major role in the marketing success you're able to achieve. Your time is precious in the retail industry and should be spent where it will have the greatest impact. Hopefully, these tips have helped to inspire some areas where you can step up your in-house marketing game. Are you looking for an agency that knows how to help you market your business online? Contact
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