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Underrated Social Media Strategies You Should Consider Implementing Today

Underrated Social Media Strategies You Should Consider Implementing Today

By Amber Bartolet, Social Media Marketing Manager With social media demonstrating a consistent upward trend, it’s clear why brands invest a lot of time and effort into creating an effective social media strategy. But what if there were some strategies your social media team has been overlooking? This article is going to discuss some strategies you may not have considered and some data to support their effectiveness.
  • Leverage small, nano, and micro-influencers
People trust each other considerably more than they trust brands. That’s why 75% of marketers are working with micro-influencers with a social media following of 500 to 25,000 individuals. These micro-influencers are considered to be more effective and have greater engagement than mega-influencers, who cost more and are more likely to lose some of their influence when they become celebrity-like and grow in popularity – ironically enough. The shift towards smaller influencers may be a more effective and affordable way to increase brand awareness.
  • Stick to platform-specific content
It’s easy to get overwhelmed with so many different social media platforms available. Brands often try to batch-post their content across multiple platforms at once, and while this may save time, it may hurt your brand in the long run. Competition between social media platforms is fiercer than ever before, for there is a large effort by these platforms to differentiate themselves from one another. With that being said, brands should focus on a specific strategy for each platform, as consumer behavior differs from one site to the next.
  • Focus on community, not promotion
Too many brands spend all their time promoting themselves and their owned content online and not enough time on building a community. Brands should be proactive about engaging with their community, participating in conversations, finding their facts, and monitoring their brand perception. Get your audience invested in your brand, and you’ll have an easier time getting them excited about your products. Don’t be afraid to experiment! You’ll be able to better understand your audience and identify effective strategies to achieve your business goals.
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