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Before You Start Digital Marketing, Do This.

Before You Start Digital Marketing, Do This.

by Shane O'Neill, Vice President
Here’s a Plan You Should Stick to, See
Truth is, I sees it all. I can spot a marketing joe who is just bumping gums likes no one. They just looking for that cabbage, see. Such is business, heck no one wants to become some dewdropper pressing flesh for a penny, savvy? Yet it’s easy because most retailers are behind the grind when it comes to digital marketing; out of their element. See, when retailers are searching for some cat to handle their digital marketing; if they don’t understand the process or what they need, they automatically become dizzy with the dollar and cost is all they see. So they sometimes partner with the wrong bird and that’s when things go wrong.
Can I Be a Straight Shooter with You?
Look, it’s not my place to point out when someone else’s marketing is all wet, but sometimes you can spot that type of jasper a mile away. A retailer who always defaults to the cheap is bananas and bound for failure, but I sees it every day. It’s like paying $250 for a business card sized ad, along with nine other schmoes, on a page in the back of a magazine vs. the $1,500 full page ad. Everyone knows the business card size ad is a dive and the full page ad is certain to get the peepers, but they think they are saving some dough. In reality, they have no plan and just threw out the $250 with the baby and the bathwater. Stop thinking only about them berries, choose the right partner and start building a plan!
You Need Someone on the Level
Start off by talking to someone who will be square with you and knows the ropes. After you chat with a few, you’ll know who is wise to your business and who is just some palooka trying to tighten the screws on ya. Once you have partnered with the right joint everything becomes eggs in the coffee moving forward! Ok, next is to understand you hired someone who knows one’s onions, so don’t be a drip, follow their lead. The last thing you want to do is gum up the whole operation. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day see and things take time. You want a 3 to 6-month test? Then you’re already starting out behind the 8 ball and after that 3 – 6-month period, you'll most likely be some poor sap who took a trip for biscuits. Plus, you come off as a client who is already looking for the run-out. So, do yourself a favor and don’t take any wooden nickels. Instead, do your due diligence and find the right jobbie to partner with, commit to a year plan and chances are you’ll be on all six and sitting pretty.
It Takes Two to Tango
If you’ve been reading between the lines, you’ll notice I mention partner a couple times. This ain’t no solo job. Yous got to do your part. If you’ve found the right gee, they probably will need to know or get a few things from you. It’s best if everyone knows the lay of the land. Look, I knows this type of commitment can make one all nerves, but if digital marketing was a piece of cake you wouldn’t need to hire a whiz to run the show. You’ve probably also noticed we haven’t talked much about digital marketing specifics…that’s because most retailers get off on the wrong foot to start. So, avoid getting balled up with some Mickey Mouse outfit who don’t know doodly-squat, follow my friendly advice, and everything will be aces and you won’t end up with a digital slugburger. See, digital marketing is like speaking a different language. Sure, you get the gist, but unless you’re some sort of abercrombie, there’s a lot of things you won’t understand if you decide to jump in the trenches. It’s what you don’t know that always trips you up, because you never knew to even ask before you spit hands. I’m not trying to bust your chops, we all needs to manage our scratch, but maybe it’s about more than the $250.
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