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Best. Ever.

Best. Ever.

by Ellen Fruchtman, CEO

Be all you can be. Remember that famous campaign and tagline? It was created in 2001 for the US Army and was resurrected in 2023. Sometimes a great campaign is just a great campaign. According to Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth, it was created to “communicate to a new generation of Americans to see the Army as a pathway to the lives and career they want to achieve.” It’s downright motivating. Don’t you think?

When a retail jewelry store comes to us, they want to increase their business and brand awareness. You want to own your market. You want to be the place everyone thinks of to purchase an engagement ring, timepiece, or beautiful piece of jewelry. An agency's job is to drive a customer to your door. And then, it’s all about you. Ask yourself: Is your business everything you want it to be? Luxury customers demand greatness. Young couples have countless ways to purchase their engagement ring. Before you spend precious dollars to speak to the general public, you need to be who you can be. How can you achieve retail greatness? Get your writing pad out. There’s work to do!

Start with an honest evaluation of your business operations. What are you doing right? What are you doing wrong? What can I realistically make better? And, set yourself a deadline for each. If everything is perfect, great. Really…whose business is? We’re doing a total assessment, and everything is on the table.

Take a look at your store from the outside to the inside. What do you see that can be improved? Try and look from the eyes of your customer. Is your parking lot in good condition? Is your shrubbery trimmed? Is your outside inviting or intimidating? Are your windows cluttered or well-designed? Moving inside, is the flooring old and tattered? Are the cases in great shape with fantastic lighting? As a customer, can you easily find what you might be looking for?

Take a look at your staff. Tackle this per associate. What’s your first impression? Do they represent your brand? What’s their attitude, education, and knowledge of your products?

Take a look at your inventory. How long has it been there? Do you have the right mix? When was the last time you brought in something new and different? Are you happy with how it’s presented and displayed?

Take a look at your experience. Luxury customers are looking for luxury experiences. Attention to detail, an upscale atmosphere, and impeccable service are at the top of the list. Gone are the days of offering a simple bottle of water. Do you offer a glass of wine and bring it out with customized napkins? Have a Cappuccino/Espresso machine with customized mugs? Offer to clean their jewelry, but deliver it on a sterling silver tray with a chocolate truffle?

Take a look at your marketing. Is there a strategy in place? A formal budget and roadmap for the entire year? Are you planning events and promotions in advance or off the cuff? Is the creative indicative of your brand voice? Do you have a plan for not only acquisition, but retention? And more importantly, are you open to new ideas? We’re four months into the year. Although it would have been stellar to do this in January, it’s not too late to ask the hard questions. Let’s face it, we can all do just a little better. It’s the difference of being all you can be or simply just being.

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