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Internet Security

Internet Security. Do You Know If You’ve Been Compromised?

by Michael Fruchtman, CFO 

There’s a very important website that everyone should visit.

It’s and it will tell you if your email has been compromised. None of us have any idea of how many sites have been hacked but this site will give you a good idea.

Right now, there are:

271 pwned websites

4,949,099,146 pwned accounts

64,862 pastes

71,808,412 paste accounts

Paste accounts are when online sites are compromised. The first signs of it appear online where they publish lists of emails and data. Knowing if you’re on the list gives you a “heads up” and you can minimize the damage by changing your passwords. The site even will check passwords for you.

There is a place to input your email address so you can be notified if you are hacked in the future. I was amazed to find my email on it repeatedly. Unfortunately, it seems we can’t expect to stop this from happening, but we can minimize the damage by doing our due diligence.

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