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Wait. What Store Was That?

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Wait. What Store Was That?

by Sarah Roush, Graphic Designer and Digital Marketing Assistant

Is your tagline boring and forgettable? 

We recently updated a client’s business tagline because they wanted to be known for something deeper than just a jewelry store. Not only can it be profitable to try something new, but endlessly beneficial if the tagline catches on. So take a moment to think about what really makes your business stand out. What makes you unique against your competitors? 

Let the experts help you. Let’s create something meaningful and impactful to grow your brand and elevate you above the rest!

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/advice/0/how-often-should-you-update-change-your-tagline#:~:text=The%20frequency%20of%20changing%20your,%2C%20value%20proposition%2C%20and%20personality.

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